33: We’re Back

Direct download here -> about 45 minutes

Back in the Saddle
The Ottawa Podcasters Meetup

flickr link (if you want to see who’s who)
Thanks for the tips! and we’re also open to sponsorship options 🙂
Bob finally gets a new microphone
Zedcaster comment & Kitchen Party invite
Hear how AJ almost lost a family jewel (pills)
Slamming the do0r on your finger
Janet gets the part in the play (Way to go!)
Listener Mail
Cat’s barefoot & doing the dishes
This is show 100 out of this studio! (whew!)

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Freddy Litwiniuk – Apart
Downstage – Set on the Sun
BandNameCarbon – Dreams I’ve Had

We do in fact have a wednesday show this week too!
Thanks for the votes!

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5 Responses to “33: We’re Back”

  1. sylvie Says:

    Yeah! I beat Jon to the comments 🙂
    Wow, great show. It was really funny! The sign story was hilarious. The music was fantastic – it all just came together. I would definitely pay money for some compilation of this music. Would the artists agree?

    Can I do a crossover comment??? I really don’t have time to comment on all the different places. Sorry. But wanted to say that I love MostlyTunes…I’ve been listening to it while doing report cards. Wicked, especially the Maritimes music. Thanks for putting in all that work, Bob.

    Bob, you can always volunteer your home as the next Fuzzy Logic-like central party home for 2-Mers. It will be weird to not be able to visit Fuzzy Logic and family though.

    Congrats on the 100th show! I can’t wait til summer to listen to other podcasts like the Catfish Show.

    A bientot

  2. C.C. Says:

    After hearing Catfish the other day talking about being P-whipped and then this show I couldnt’ stop laughing.

    “Got beef? Then cook it for me!” That had me rolling!!!

    You guys might need some shirts from my friends over at the Twan & Bergy store at http://www.cafepress.com/nosac

    Happy 100th!

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    You guys better appreciate my comments and listening eh? Selling the cd idea, can’t you remove the music, maybe edit the shows in some way without any problems? Maybe get permission from those artists, it would help them too having their music exposed. It’s an idea.

    I checked out the flickr pictures, that’s pretty neat the pop up names. It’s good to have names to the faces, easier for fans to stalk you guys.

    Captain Morgan with Coke is pretty good, never tried Appleton, keep forgetting to buy some. All I heard was ice in this show!

    Congrats on the new mics, sounds good.

    AJ, almost lost your nuts for a sign?! Cheap snip, no wait in our lovely medical system! Sounds like you’re a walking disaster.

    Bob was on a roll today, but looks like AJ is going to do a show alone next time! Did Bob survive Cat after the show?! Snip, snip and now you lose the pants, eh?

    We’ll we’re here for you guys every week, don’t forget us listeners when you’re making the bling bling from the tip jar. I’ll make sure to tip it soon seriously.

  4. Michael G Says:

    This is what i mean about Bob acting different on this show, compared to the cfshow. I guess the molson X has something to do about that,.

    Cat: Barefoot in the kitchen. And Topless???? Bacon for the troops.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Great show guys…
    loved the promo from NS guy. The show overall had a good mix of tunes with chater. The sign story was the best… I’ve got a couple sign stories gone wrong as well. Can relate.

    Anyways.. keep in up..