T-minus a bunch of days to show #1..

Well… Let’s see here… What’s done so far…

  • got the (cheap) domain
  • webspace
  • the blog is set up
  • Recording setup almost done
  • Intro created – liked how that came out
  • a few sweepers done, though I don’t really like them
  • the software is installed and tested, though I’d love to see a SoundFlower for PC.. audio routing through software is cool

Let’s see if I’ve planned this right, in my wee mind, I think what’s left is..

  • Set up the RSS feed.. Hi XML? This is Bob, we don’t know each other yet, but I’m sure we’ll get along…
  • Record the pilot (whole bunch o’ steps in there..)
  • mix & produce
  • upload
  • test
  • Get AJ’s approval, or make him learn to accept what I’ve done
  • Bask in the glory that is podcasting
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