While you’re waiting…

No no, I won’t ask for more votes… (but we’ll take em 🙂 )

If you haven’t heard some previous shows, now would be a great time to catch up by browsing our NEW Bob and AJ Show archives!

That’s right! All the mp3’s in one convenient locale! Hear great shows, and see how bad my page design skills are all at the same time!

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4 Responses to “While you’re waiting…”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    That’s cool, I think I better download these files in case you both decide to only sell them later on when the podcasting for free doesn’t work anymore. The day will come when a podcaster won’t have all his shows up to download and only for sale on a CD or DVD-Audio disc for the fancy pro’s. There’s DVD-Audio car stereos now for those who can’t live without their 5.1 or DTS music. Give it another 6 months to a year… haha 🙂

  2. Cat Says:

    What a great Idea!!

    Thanks John

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    Hold on to that idea until I finish downloading all the files! 😉

  4. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Great idea guys! As a late starter I missed the first few shows – now catching up, and enjoying it! Merci beaucoup eh!