31: A snip-snip club?

Direct download here -> about 34 minutes

AJ & Interplanet Janet’s wrap party (with wine!)
We’re headed to the Ottawa podcaster meetup
We love your comments! Thanks!
Scott’s been listening since Adam and Dave were kissy-kissy
What’s a case of beer?
Is Bob that different on the Catfish Show?
The big RUSH debate continues in the forums
The Maclean’s article pushback again
Don’t tell Fuzzy Logic how to do stuff
We’re considering sponsorships
CC Chapman is this week’s dryer music
tips or votes ? Hmmm..
AJ thinks Mark is lying about Snow Patrol

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:

Atomic One – You
Delusional – Rock Star (buy cd here)
The Transfer – Down with Everything

We’ll be back with a “Mellow Mid-week Show” on wednesday!
Please keep voting, we’re at 69 as I write this, you guys are awesome!!

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9 Responses to “31: A snip-snip club?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    today for the first time ever I listened to a podcast (TartanPodCast)…it was sooooo excellent that I thought I’d listen in to you guys…I’d just like to say you are fucking marvelous !!

    Who needs radio when you guys are around….I’ll keep listening both to TartanPodCast and you guys !

    Keep up the good work !!
    Brian (Glaswegian living in London).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a million!!

    Glad you liked it Brian,Welcome…and come back soon!!!


  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    Great intro music, guys. Wives that drink is great, man. My wife is the same height too, AJ! The music was really good in this show. Fuzzy Logic was funny. Ah, so it was Bob who asked about podcastalley not AJ then. Sorry, AJ guess you were honest. Snip Snip club sounds bad, I’m keeping my boys, sorry guys. I voted already this month, can’t do it again!

  4. C.C. Says:

    Classic as always. I agree withyou about the sue happy US. it’s really too bad that it’s gotten that way.

  5. Michael G Says:

    Do we get a t-shirt or a hat when we join the snip snip club?

  6. Bob Says:

    No t-shirt,no hat..just a few days of no heavy lifting….

  7. jon from vancouver Says:

    …and no sex for awhile 🙂

  8. Michael G Says:

    That sounds like my regular life… No hats, lifting, sex, Yep, my current lot in life.

    oops forgot the “eh?”

  9. Big Mike Says:

    I’m gonna pull out my Groucho Marxist card on this one. I happen to like the vas deferens between us.