and another thing…

If you happen to be subscribed to this show via the iTunes Music store, please make sure you are still getting the shows. The feed Apple (or one of their partners) chose for us sure as hell wasn’t ours, and as such, I killed it.

I’ve submitted the proper feed, but who knows how long that will take to show up.

If you want to keep using iTunes, you can use the link under the “podcast” button on the right. In iTunes, go into the advanced menu, and select “Subscribe to podcast”, and put the link in there. That should do it.

If it doesn’t, uninstall iTunes, install a proper MP3 player like WINAMP, and use Doppler or iPodder to get podcasts.

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4 Responses to “and another thing…”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Uninstall iTunes? The horror. Install another program… double the horror.
    Seriously, there’s 30 million iTunes users and you don’t want to lose new future listeners. That’s a huge market for you guys.

  2. Administrator Says:

    OK, maybe that was a bit drastic.

    But seriously, you have to admit, in it’s current form, iTunes isn’t a very good podcatcher.

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    It does the job for me and it is convenient because it syncs with my iPod in one place. I used iPodderX and iPodder Lemon, it was a resource hog. Then it needs to open iTunes to transfer the podcasts, which puts it in another playlist instead of one location called Podcasts as the current iPod firmware does. Perhaps because I own an iPod and use iTunes, I don’t know how the other side deals with syncing their standard mp3 players and other software. It’s just nice to have the iPod sync and know it all works.

  4. Administrator Says:

    Good Points. I guess for the iPod user, iTunes is really the way to go (not that you have a choice..).

    For people with other mp3 players, and for podcasters, the way Apple has bungled the podcast support, ignored existing standards, published erroneous specs, and made itself pretty much unavailable has really left a bad impression with myself and many other podcasters.

    Apple has a history of kicking butt, and this really isn’t like them. They rushed it out, and it shows. They’ll likely end up fixing things, and all will be cool then, I hope. In the meantime, they’ve alienated the creators of the content they’re trying to push.