The Original Six

Show 6 – jump up and down!

Recorded just before Christmas, during a -30 cold snap. Take two idiots, add some rum and good tunes, stir, edit, then edit some more – and you have this last show of 2004.

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This week’s show (~ 26 minutes):

  • Our Mantra
  • They warned us about Brian
  • Mel Tormé
  • Tim Horton’s super-addictive coffee
  • One-handed nose blowing
  • Temperature rant
  • Fuzzy Logic: Sending food back at a restaurant
  • Our days at CNOT-FM
  • Vote for the Bob and AJ of your choice, but vote!
  • The Bob and AJ Media Conglomerate

NHL music featured this week:

Sugarbush – A Little bit of Love
The Philharmonic – Monkey
Channel One – Where you belong

Background Music: See previous show notes, nothing new here.

Next week/year: More of what you’ve come to love, with a little bit of what you’ve come to hate.

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