40: The Chamonix of Podcasting

Direct download here -> about 48 minutes

A deep, honest look at the socio-political influences on podcasting.

The INXS lead singer search
AC/DC’s Family Jewels
Mark from Tartan Podcast learns to speak Canadian
The much-anticipated Podshow discussion, featuring mentions of most of our friends, except Matt from Digital Detroit Radio
Cat’s soccer pain
Janet’s new play where she kisses women

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Nothing More – Jetta
Freddy Litwiniuk – Let it Go
Kristia Di Gregorio – Leslie

Back again next sunday!!

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32 Responses to “40: The Chamonix of Podcasting”

  1. Big Mike Says:

    So I say “Podshow” and “_insert_ad_here” in my show. YEE-HAW!!!! Took longer to type this comment than it did to say it.

    Maybe it’ll help pay for my teeth. But then, hell, I’m 42, so what do I know about being independent? YEEEEEE-HAWWWWW!!!!

  2. Brooke Says:

    Not fair! Listen: I am female, and I love CCR! Probably because I’ve grown up listening to my dad’s music.
    ACDC isn’t bad either…….. :O.

    You guys need to visit Texas. Then you’ll stop saying silly things like “not many girls like CCR…” How can you not like CCR????

    Ok, bye!

  3. Jason Evangelho Says:

    So, how do I prevent writing a novel about this show, specifically the Podshow discussion…

    I don’t mind publically saying that seeing Julien & Mark in Podshow shocked the hell out of me. My hope however is that their shows don’t change. I really don’t think Julien belongs there, and I think Mark could have done better on his own. Yes, without Podshow OR Amp.

    My biggest problem with the Absolut advertising is the irrelevance of it. Why the hell would music shows advertise a vodka? This doesn’t make sense, it takes away the personalization of the show, and since the show’s hosts didn’t personally seek out this advertising, it seems like a sellout. Why? Because their listeners won’t endorse it as strongly because they know the HOSTS don’t personally endorse it/use it/support it….

    On the flip side of this, I think it ROCKS that Absolut HAS put their weight into podcasting, because it opens up a lot of doors for other podcasters. So, while I am slamming it, I have to say kudos to the company, and to podshow, for taking the plunge and helping to flesh out the bigger picture…

    here’s my bottom line: if the podshow gang remembers they’re doing this for the artists, we’ll all be ok. If what starts to consume their thinking is where the next dollar is coming from, then they’ve got problems.

    Sorry for taking up so much space, this is only a fraction of what’s going on my head. If the PSMN helps out the artists, awesome. But if the shows become sellouts, no one will listen. So Podshow gang, you better stick to your roots, because despite the differences we’ve had, I still listen to all of your shows…

  4. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Quote Jason:
    On the flip side of this, I think it ROCKS that Absolut HAS put their weight into podcasting, because it opens up a lot of doors for other podcasters. So, while I am slamming it, I have to say kudos to the company, and to podshow, for taking the plunge and helping to flesh out the bigger picture…


    The fact that Absolut has gotten on board to support this venture for music podcasts IS the reason I’m willing to pimp them on my show. They have my full respect. That fact is not irrelevant. The first brand name associated with ‘indie’ podcasts? Respect is due.

    I don’t think listeners are going to endorse Absolut if the hosts of the podcasts are/aren’t supping the product while they record the show. If they do endorse it it’ll be because the like/respect/trust the podcaster AND because the listener is far sighted enough to realise the hugeness of the fact that someone like Absolut is on board.

  5. T Grier Says:

    First time to Listen. Not Bad. I got show 39 too.. for my trip to Chicago.

    Would love to hear about how your find your music?.

    Austin, Texas

  6. Nico Says:

    Thanks for the cd πŸ™‚ It’s not here yet but i’ll let you know as soon as i get it.

  7. Scarborough Dude Says:

    Well I enjoyed your independence rant, and as someone who dos his shows (18 and counting now) on an iPod, I’m always going to be on the fringe, looking up to guys like yourselves who really have become Canadian icons and standard bearers. So no need for you to join forces with anyone else – although I suggest once again that you invite others to join your conglomerate – and eventually a sponsor is going to find you. (What’s Robert Charlebois up to these days- still selling great beer?)

  8. C.C. Says:

    Psyched to hear Kristia on your show. She’s a hell of a girl and an amazing singer and I knew you guys would LOVE her.

    As for the whole independent vs. sponsored you know that I love you guys too and it’s all good. So long as I don’t have to sell my soul or have to change anything I’ll gladly take sponshorship. Plus, as with all advertisers through Podshow any of us can say that we don’t want to run the ads and be part of that campaign. It’s all about choice.

    The podcasting landscape is still new and will be changing rapidly in the future. So long as we all work together to keep the community together that you spoke of we’ll all come out ok I think.

    And what’s up with bashing NH? I grew up there! *laugh*

  9. AJ Says:

    Hey all!!

    Thanks Jason…Thank you CC…Big Mike!Right on!!Mark..Keep it real.Please!!Nico..On it’s way and Brooke…so sorry, now that I see your point!!!
    Thank you all of you…Loud or quiete!!!It’s all good!


  10. Steve Hunter Says:

    Big Mike, Mark Hunter & CC Chapman all on the forum to respond – I guess Bob & AJ are the conscience of podcasting πŸ™‚

  11. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Or we’re their friends and we respect their views!

  12. jon from vancouver Says:

    So is the show still going to exist when hockey comes back?! πŸ˜€
    I like AC/DC and sounds like a good DVD to rent if I can find it at Rogers Video. The Flickr photos for today are good, with your sons and the Triumph drinking beer.

    I agree with Jason, if you’re just accepting who ever to sponsor your show, then you don’t know your audience. It’s like watching TV, and if I’m watching a typical guy show, like say something on SpikeTV or SPEED channel, and a stupid commercial about yeast infections is on, what the hell does that have to do with men and cars? Really. That’s just taking anything for money.

    If podcasting shows start getting longer with these dumb sponsors, there will be less listners. It will be the same as radio, so then there will be no point. On the other hand, these shows will get the radio crowd who already listens to enough commercials as it is and not care about. But then there will be another new avenue after podcasting for us to jump on. What else is new right? Once something new gets in the hands of the big guys, anything to make a dollar. Squeeze every penny out of it until it’s dry.

  13. Jason Evangelho Says:

    Steve Hunter Said:
    Big Mike, Mark Hunter & CC Chapman all on the forum to respond – I guess Bob & AJ are the conscience of podcasting

    mark – tartanpodcast said:
    Or we’re their friends and we respect their views!

    BOTH are true.

  14. Steve Hunter Says:

    It is cool that Absolut are involved – but what do they get? Presumably supporting Podshow involves a very small portion of their marketing budget, so they may be willing to take a chance with it, but how will they judge success?

    I think that understanding their reasoning could help the thousands of other podcasters out there looking for sponsorship (and for the record I’m not one of them – I don’t hold my own show in that high regard …. yet)

  15. Grant Says:

    Hi Guys – really enjoyed the show, having been pointed your way from your comments on the TartanPodcast and Mark’s links to you.

    I have to say I was shocked at the sudden inclusion of sponsorship on a few of my favourite shows, but I respect the podcasters and know that the minute the sponsor makes demands and wants changes to a show, they’ll be off like a shot in the opposite direction. They love their shows too much to have big business dictate what goes (well, at least I hope they do πŸ™‚ !!)

    And a huge thanks for playing Freddy’s “Let It Go” – first time I’ve heard him and the chorus just lifted me right up on my bus journey to work this morning. What a fantastic song. I’m definitely going to be buying this if the rest of his album’s of the same quality.

    Cheers – looking forward to this Sunday’s show which wil be joining my list of regular podcast listening.

  16. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Steve Hunter Says:
    July 25th, 2005 at 3:42 pm

    It is cool that Absolut are involved – but what do they get?

    They get to be the first πŸ˜€

    I’m guessing being a pioneer appeals to them.

  17. Administrator Says:

    Wow guys – New record for comments!

    thanks for your support! your input and support is wonderful!

    By the way, Grant: Yes, the album is THAT good (www.freddynet.com) Tell him Bob and AJ sent you!

  18. jon from vancouver Says:

    Here’s another comment for the record! Let’s hit 20 comments for a show! πŸ˜€

  19. AJ Says:

    You got it Jon!!!!

    Let’s work on that!!!!


  20. Nico Says:

    Here’s comment nΒΊ 20 πŸ™‚

  21. Jason Evangelho Says:

    Here’s comment 21 suckas!!!!

    Hey Grant: Just wanted to say it’s great to have people like you in the podosphere. Taking that extra effort to subscribe, listen, and offer feedback.

    that’s our kinda fuel.

  22. Steve Hunter Says:

    mark – tartanpodcast Says:

    They get to be the first

    I’m guessing being a pioneer appeals to them.


    Hey, that’s cool too! I think that all the other advertising I’ve heard on other podcasts has been from tech businesses, so Absolut are the first “mass-market” advertiser in podcasting.

    BTW I like 21 more than 20!

  23. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Yeah, I think you’ve put it in a nutshell Steve, tech-based firms have probably viewed podcasts as a natural platform to advertise their wares. The fact that someone more mainstream like Absolut want a piece of the ‘action’, so to speak, is a sign of the health of podcasting; it’s not as underground or as unknown as it was 6 months ago. Granted, some may feel that this may in turn kill the community of podcasting, but I’m sure it’ll evolve and continue to grow.

  24. Grant Says:

    Bob and AJ – not home tonight but will be visiting Freddy’s site tomorrow night to email him and enquire about overseas posting to me here in Scotland. I’ll be sure to tell him you sent me !

    Jason – thanks for the kind comment. Just realised that I haven’t added your show to my list but I’ll be making up for that omission soon !


  25. jon from vancouver Says:

    Is that the best you can do girly men… let’s break the comments record. Bob and AJ need something new to talk about in their next show! πŸ˜€ Maybe we can get Captain Morgan to pay them a visit and sponsor the show! Or Coca-Cola…. or ??? πŸ˜€

  26. Deniz Says:

    My combination of anti-corporate leanings, radical indie elitism, and not having to pay for my own food, housing, and clothes makes a perfect never-sell-out formula.

  27. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Deniz hit the nail right one head….

  28. Rick - The Cool Waters Band Says:

    Just getting around to listening to 40 and 41 finally. I’m all for Captain & Coke sponsorship. If you can send them my way after you sign em up, I’d be forever grateful. Excuse me a sec….my drink is empy…

  29. Matt Says:

    I could go into more detail… but; thanks for staying true to yourself and what podcasting should be.

    You guys rock.

  30. Michael G Says:

    Bon Scott, saw Brian Johnson preforming at a club, and said. He would be the guy he would want to replace him. Kind of freaky,

    So women do not like bands that can be defined as Letters? (ACDC – CCR)

  31. Digital Detroit Radio Says:

    Holy Crap! 31 Baby!!! I just started getting spam on my comments section of my website. Although I like playing poker, I don’t appreciate them advertising without my permission on my website. Bastards! I always get excited when I see some comments, but that is the ultimate buzzkill.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys that I just listened to the show and thought your discussion was very heartfelt and great. Keep up the great job, as always!

  32. Brooke Says:

    Heh, Michael G.. dude, that’s the point I was trying to defy right now. As for letters-only band names and the musical female attention span, actually I have no idea what ACDC stands for, (ok, I’m stupid.. it just sounds like an electrical current) But Creedence Clearwater Revival.. It’s kind of poetic, eh? Maybe that’s why I subconsiously haven’t stopped liking them. Actually I think it’s just the music.

    I just assumed everyone loved CCR. It may be a Canadian-women thing? Bob & AJ, I left you a voicemail so you can hear my uncoordinated thank you/apology for the late response.

    Hope you somehow appreciated this rambling 32nd comment :).