41: Less Controversial

Direct download here -> about 33 minutes

Enough politics, back to our regular stuff

The Bob and AJ Store
People skipping tunes on podcasts
What’s your take? More or less music?
AJ saw Life Aquatic
Fuzzy Logic on driving
Comment Festival last show
Scottish Lineage
Hi to new listeners
Where’d the archives go?
Radio is corrupt
CBC goosebump ads
The Speed-Tv video of the Mont-Trembant track

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Becoming Wheels – Chasing Grace
Benjamin and the B-Tars – Something New

The show is moved to monday for next week, see ya then!

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25 Responses to “41: Less Controversial”

  1. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Great video clip, love that!

    Music/no music, more music/less music… A listener emailed me basically begging for me to talk less on the show. They actually said I spent WAAAY too much time talking.
    As Bob stated, when I related this to him, it’s like someone coming into your house and telling you to shut up.

  2. Nico Says:

    Last time i thought of music and sony was with the walkman (i have to admit my last sony walkman kicked ass), but that’s about it.
    Speaking of music, i enjoy both the rambling and the music very much. As a matter of fact, i’m making a great mix cd with tracks you can download for free, and all of them i heard on podcasts.

    That speed tv video was cool. I love how they pass Porsche 911s like they’re standing still…

  3. Alasdair Says:


    Just thought I’d leave my first comment. You’ve got the voice / music balance for me, but you’ve got to decide what’s right for you I suppose.

    The hit map should give you a good idea that what you’re doing is getting listened to. 😉

  4. AJ Says:

    hey Bob…

    Love the new look.Im actually typin this in cognito!!!Im on vacation on the coast and in the managers office(not meant to be)…

    This is AJ gang….Word!!!!

  5. pioSko Says:

    maybe do a poll for the next show: “Do you fast forward our music?”

    Have a good time on vacation, AJ 🙂

  6. Grant Says:


    I specifically love your show because of the banter. Please don’t change it. Listening to you is like sitting down in a room or a bar with friends who make you laugh out loud, or sometimes ponder a little about life in general.

    The mix is right for me. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t subscribe to the feed. Likewise the guy who told Mark to talk less; if he didn’t like the style of the show, why did he keep listening ? There are plenty more shows out there who play good music with little chat.

    And thanks for mentioning me TWICE in the show. Most of my friends and family look at me like I’m nuts when I rave about podcasting. Good to know that feedback is appreciated !

    BTW – Freddy’s CD has been duly ordered (you were well-plugged on Freddy’s site and then on CDBaby) and is winging it’s way over to Scotland as I type. He asked me to write back and let him know my thoughts on the rest of the CD after I’ve given it a spin, so I’ll be sure to do that. What a great guy.


  7. Darren Says:

    Just about to order my thong, er, I mean beer stein and t-shirt. I must admit I fast forward through 95% of the tunes, love the banter. I’ll be in 2 MO Aug 3-11, let’s tip a few back.


  8. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Grant…Grant…Grant…there are *reasons* why your family look at you as if you’re nuts, and I keep telling you, it’s *nothing* to do with podcasting…

  9. jon from vancouver Says:

    I sometimes fast forward but that’s due to time. I’m starting to listen to the short shows I subscribe, because time is limited to hear 60 minute shows. I think if you only subscribe to a few podcasts, then you look forward to hour long shows. There are so many great podcasts but not enough time in the day to listen, so I have unfortunately started to unsubscribe to some. I have changed the settings in iTunes to manually update. The shows were piling up and I had no time to listen to all of them. Anyone else noticing this? My spare time goes to listening to shows and hardly any TV.

    Congrats on the store. The thong is funny, my wife would wear that. Haha. The clock was an interesting item since most stores only carry t-shirts. Hope it is successful. What’s up with another website theme? Looks good, but I was just getting used to the old one.. wasn’t that only 2 weeks old??!!

    No! Sony pays radio stations?! Say it isn’t so! Hahahaha. What a surprise, eh? I haven’t listened to radio for almost a year now. It all sucks here. The funny thing is, people I know are listening to country music more because they are sick of top 40 pop/rap and the same alternative music crap. Too funny.

    My brother is crazy now that hockey is back. He even went to get a job at a sports store in the hockey section after he graduated last month. By the time hockey starts, his store discounts will kick in to get some new jerseys!

    You need to record podcasts shows when hockey is on. That will sound so funny listening to you guys comment on the games. There will be extra beer in the tummys to give us more entertainment!

  10. Steve Hunter Says:

    Mark – Tell these Canadians that just because two Scottish guys have the same surname (and in my case it’s actually an Irish), it doesn’t mean that we are related – it is a country of over 5 million, plus the 50 million throughout the world who claim a Scottish heritage.

    AJ – Perhaps you could do a section each show called “Things Bob knows nothing about”. It started with F1 and broadened into all things motor sport, where should it go from here?

    Another great show guys, it took me an hour to download it through my crappy temporary dialup, but it was worth it.

  11. Bob Says:

    So many great comments! You guys do indeed rock!

    “Things Bob knows nothing about” would fill several entire shows…

    We will be recording with the TV on the games when they start, it’s the only way to go..

    As for the new theme, we really wanted a three column look so we could place all our crap, er umm.. content.. Yeah, that’s it.. Content..

  12. jon from vancouver Says:

    The 3 column layout does balance the content nicely compared to other sites that have all the extra info on one side only and navigation on the other.

    I’m thinking you guys may need a common weekly show topic or rant. Perhaps a 90 second rant on an issue that occured during the week. Maybe a sports topic or a question period from the listeners on any subject. Those are just some suggestions.

  13. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    Bob and AJ and all other Canadians reading these comments;

    Steve Hunter and I are not related.

  14. Rick - The Cool Waters Band Says:

    I liked the French swearing translations you guys did some time ago. American swear words almost all have to do with bodily functions. The few French ones you brought up were benign in translation….something like “paint the wall green”. I know it wasn’t that..I think it had something to do with church, but the Captain is hitting me and I can’t remember at the moment. I vote for the French-Canadian swear word of the day segment.

  15. Grant Says:


    So you CAN see me through my earphones ! Damn… blown my secret. The eyes looking in different directions, monobrow and “I’m Nuttier than a big bag of KP Nuts” tattoo on my forehead might >just

  16. Grant Says:

    Oops – that last one ended prematurely. It should have continued as:

    have been a dead giveaway.

    And the sporran fashioned from razor-wire hanging over my naked b**locks does occasionally have people running screaming in the opposite direction…

  17. mark - tartanpodcast Says:


  18. Steve Hunter Says:

    Being slightly more serious for once Bob, how did you get AJ in the show on Skype without it sounding like he was talking through a laggy tin can?

    I’ve given up listening to all of the “two guys talking over Skype” podcasts because the audio quality of the Skype’d presenter was so bad – but AJ only sounded slightly muffled, which I would guess was down to him using a different mic.

  19. jon from vancouver Says:

    Maybe it’s those expensive mics these guys use?! 😀 They probably don’t sound like this in real life, it’s all a hoax.

  20. mark - tartanpodcast Says:

    I did a skype thing for top of the pods this weekend, and I sounded pretty poor even though I was using my good mic. Must be the compression or something that’s used to transfer the info over the ‘net.

  21. Steve Hunter Says:

    Perhaps it wasn’t recorded over Skype at all – AJ could have been in a box under the desk, giving him a muffled sound without any lag!

  22. April Says:

    hey guys!! i never comment, so i figured i would… i do love your show, as you know, but i ALWAYS skip over the songs… sorry, when i do listen to them everyone once in awhile they’re pretty good…. 🙂

  23. Nico Says:

    Hey, i have a question. Are Mark and Steve related? Because you guys have the same last name…

    (dodges various flying objects coming from Scotland…)

  24. aj Says:


    please no visuals of me in a box under the desk!!!PLEASE!!!

    Thanks for the reply April!


  25. Travis Says:

    The Bob and AJ show is much like a 2 dollar hooker. You know you want it…then when you get it you know you shouldn’t enjoy it…but you do…then you start feeling ashamed…you cry a little in the fetile position in the shower….have a snack, preferably miss vickie’s chips, then you’re ready to go!
    Bob and AJ…like the herpes of podcasting, they might go away for a while but you always know they’ll be back soon in full force….And aj isn’t gay….much….hardly…..not all the time…..ok twice on tuesdays.

    Love the show guys!..just not in the biblical sense.