44: Steve Hunter is Scottish

Direct download here -> holy crap! a whopping 55 minute show! Sorry about that!

Did I mention Steve Hunter is Scottish?

Jon in Vancouver is kidnapped by biker chicks:
Biker Chicks
Nico’s awesome graphics
Zedcast‘s skydiving story
The Spine.cx podcast got imported beer from Bruce
AJ has to stop saying Aspect
Poll results
AJ’s still bitter about AMP

Bob’s apology to Steve Hunter:
Steve Hunter is Scottish

AJ introduces us to the new A1GP race series
Fuzzy Logic looks at bikers
AJ thinks he booked Tea Party in the UK
Congrats to Julien and MC for the Montreal Gazette write-up
oh yeah, they mentioned CatFish Show and mostlytunes
Montreal podcaster meetups:

  • Sept 9th or 10th (?) and
  • October 14th
  • Tommy Lee goes to college
    AJ’s Tatoos
    We stumble through another french swear word: OSTIE
    Can anyone recommend a quiet mouse with soft clicks?

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Ten Story Relapse – Routine Life
    Lowbuz – Point
    Butterfly Catchers – Morning

    We’re still planning to do a special show 50 Send us your audio comments!

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    10 Responses to “44: Steve Hunter is Scottish”

    1. Nico Says:

      Brazilians have an A1GP team and we don’t?! We better get something done, we can’t let brazilians be ahead of us. It does sound interesting though, I’ll have to check it out. It better be more fun than F1… Anyway, i love the french swear word segment! Keep it coming, this kind of stuff you don’t learn in french classes.

    2. Alasdair Says:


      Can you clarify something for me?

      Is Steve Hunter Scottish or not? 🙂

      Keep on casting,


    3. Lloyd Detroit Says:

      Bob, I was just checking out the “Mostly Tunes” site and noticed a “NO RIAA” sign. I think you need to put that sign on this site also. This is a talk and music show after all.

      P.S. All Podcasts that don’t play Riaa music need that sign. (FTR)

    4. Steve Hunter Says:

      I feel honoured as the recipient of the world’s funniest apology.

      Great show guys. In particular, three really great tunes from wildly different genres.

      I think the next question for consideration should be:

      Is Sheik Al McToom Scottish?

    5. jon from vancouver Says:

      Coronation Street… will it ever go away! I used to work with an older woman who talked about this show all day long. She loved it. Damn soap operas.

      No beer? I thought you guys would do anything for your #1 fan?! Guess the cd might help, not sure if Nico’s artwork will get me out of here!? LOL

      Zedcast was funny, Bruce did a great job on that past 2 shows of skydiving.

      I think the independent podcasts started losing when all these groups were created. When Adam Curry went to Apple, that was the end. Sure there’s pros for everyone from this but I think the cons will kill this great audio format. We are seeing this already with big companies coming in, even the US president is posting some speeches on iTunes. I have noticed alot of videocasts popping up. I’m watching more of those 10-20 minute shows because it’s a nice alternative to TV. Podcasts and videocasts are more entertaining than TV for me now.

      You guys should start videocasting, it would be funny to watch you guys podcast in the basement. Start a poll, guys.

    6. Bob Says:

      I respectfully disagree Jon, indie podcasters aren’t losing anything. Our numbers haven’t gone down once since this whole ride started. Sure the big companies will get their listenership, but honestly, I don’t think many of those people would dig what we’re doing anyway. Everyday, more and more people learn about podcasting, and we pick up listeners because of it. I’d much rather put out a show that friends recommend to each other than one forced into people’s faces by big media..

      As for videocasts, I can’t speak for AJ, but I really don’t have much desire to be seen. I enjoy this radio-ish medium too much to turn it into something else.. Though I could see it being fun to use as an add-on to special events, like show 200 or something..

    7. jon from vancouver Says:

      I hope you’re right and the small podcasters still have an audience and voice. I liked your soundscape podcast when you guys went to the liquer store. A videocast of a soundscape would be cool too.

    8. Steve Hunter Says:

      Quiet round here, isn’t it?

    9. AH :) Says:

      Just a short note from a new listener to Bob & AJ: Cool show, great tunes.

      Cheers & Prost from Berlin (Germany not Scotland),


      PS: I think I have a poster with Polish beer labels stuffed away somewhere… Send me an address where to send it, and it’s yours.

    10. aj Says:


      A beer poster!!Pass it on Alan, that would be nice.Our mailing address is on our site…look for snail mail!!

      Thanks for the comment and hope you hang in there as a listener!!

      Cheers and beers….AJ