45: Keyboard Wizards

Direct download here -> 44 minutes

Bob’s dad & Bob Moog: Keyboard wizards who’ve left us
Radio Filibuster
AJ drops a 300lb transformer on his foot
There are English speaking Quebecers?
The CBC strike
Matt‘s Fantasy Hockey League : email him to sign up! matt at digitaldetroit radio
AJ thinks Scots are taking over the show
Labels that understand the podcasting train
AJ finally gets an MP3 player and fills it with cheese
AJ thinks he can get April from the Ponderplace podcast to wear the B&AJ thong
the clock works fine
If you want to buy a podcasting book, buy the Canadian one
Show 50 planning is underway
AJ’s road rage with Enya
Krash from Oka-Zoo comments on Coronation Street
is Brooke angry?
Montreal Podcaster meet-upSept. 9th details on our forum
The french swear word of the week: Twit

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Halloween Alaska – Call it clear
Voices In Your Head – Numbly
Andrea England – Heart Wide Open (Eyes wide shut)

blah blah show 50 blah blah… audio comment… blah blah.. please… blah…

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8 Responses to “45: Keyboard Wizards”

  1. Steve Hunter Says:

    Hey guys – you invite us into your homes and make us feel welcome then you turn round and we’re camped out in your backyard eating Haggis, drinking whisky and swearing loundly – the podcast version of the tartan army.

  2. Allen Says:


    I think show 50 should be a podcast form the Bell Center at a Habs Game. Just my two cents.


  3. Richard Says:

    Taking over the show? Not at all. We’re simply full-on, happy, enthusiastic, participatory (and above all, attentive) listeners. Isn’t that right?

  4. Richard's friend Says:

    Aye, right enough.

  5. Steve Hunter Says:


    hope the foot gets better. I broke mine 3 years ago falling 2 ft off a ladder and later found out that most people break theirs falling off a kerb. By that score a 300lb transformer is serious overkill.

    The doctors told me that here in UK we don’t do anything for 1 or 2 broken foot bones – no cast or anything. They just give some crutches and prescription for painkillers and tell you to be careful. They seem oblivious to the fact that if you had been careful then you wouldn’t have broken your foot!

  6. jon from vancouver Says:

    I watched a BC Lions game the other day, and noticed there were no announcers. I loved it. I felt like I was there at the game, just listening to the players and crowd.

  7. Steve Hunter Says:

    When the BBC broadcast the 6 nations rugby each year, there is normally an option on the digital service to have either the standard commentary, commentary from a BBC sports radio station or no commentry but a feed from the referee’s microphone. It’s really cool to listen to what he’s saying.

  8. Grant Says:

    Nah, we Scots aren’t taking over. We just have an affinity with you Canadians. Your American neighbours look down their noses at you, just like many of our English neighbours look down on us 😉

    Seriously, I think it’s because we have a similar sense of humour and a pride in our nationality. And a love of beer !