46: The Van Show

Direct download here -> 30 minutes

From our drive to Ottawa for the podcaster meetup, eavesdrop on the in-car conversations with your favourite montreal podcasters, running late and high on caffeine..

Bob, Cat, AJ, Interplanet Janet & Julien in a Plymouth Van

Some swearing, what did you expect with Julien in the car?

Wonderful car topics such as:
Ottawa jabs
Montreal Food
Sugar ratios
AJ talks differently in real life
We bug Cat about Tod Maffin
The first time we met Julien
We are nerds, dammit!
Montreal festivals
Chris from Molar Radio buys Tod a beer
The tip jar
Comics in 60’s
How we started podcasting
Ottawa Observations

You can hear what happened at the meetup by listening to the June 12th episode of electric sky.

This Sunday, a show recorded on location at the AJ compound..

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3 Responses to “46: The Van Show”

  1. tom Says:

    Well, I listened to the end: I might just be a fan.

    Kudos to Bob for getting you lot safely into Ottawa with all the yapping, yakking, and blahblahblah-ing.

  2. Grant Says:

    It was an interesting experience walking round a supermarket whilst my ears were telling me I was sitting in a van…

    Very weird, but fun.

  3. Red Says:

    I love the shows, keep it up. BTW, the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area, which is where I’m from, is approaching 6 million people.