49: Life Questions

Direct download here -> 45 minutes

More of life’s important questions:

– John Lennon or Paul McCartney ?
– Ringo Starr or Alex Van-Halen or John Bonham or Neil Peart
What’s happening to mostlytunes.com ?
Sarah Fimm is touring with Peter Murphy, very cool!
AJ hits his microphone, not his kid
Youppi! is the Habs’ new mascot:
Youppi and Bob Gainey
The bet is ON with us and CC Chapman
We get harassed by Digital Detroit lawyers
Gas price-gouging followed by a clever thought I couldn’t finish
Do you think Mocean Worker would cut a theme for us?
Listener comments
Grant’s new show: Three from Leith and Mark’s (Tartan Podcast) attempts to say it
AJ’s wondering if he introduced Steve to A1Gp
the Secrets of Podcasting book

You have until tuesday to send audio for show 50!

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
ANEMO – Fallout Renegade on City Canyons records.
Brighton – Everyone
Spin 66 – Big Fuzz

SHOW 50 is but a few days away! Thanks for joining us on this awesome ride!

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15 Responses to “49: Life Questions”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Gas prices are around $1.14 here, up and down depending the time of day. Evenings are usually cheaper than during the day. It’s a conspiracy bottom line.

    Great show guys. Pre-season hockey is on and you guys are still around. Wonder what will happen when hockey starts October 5th…

  2. Alasdair Says:

    Count yourselves lucky guys. We’re paying 96.9 pence per LITRE here in the UK.

  3. Lloyd Detroit Says:

    And here in the US we bitch beause we about $0.70 a liter (in Minnesota).

  4. Steve Says:

    Oh AJ,

    I’m working on my response.

  5. Steve Says:

    But in relation to drummers, you never mentioned my favourite two:

    Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Whitesnake, M.S.G)
    Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

    I think Charlie can make a bass, snare & 1 hi-hat sound as big as Neil Peart’s kit and the intros to “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Brown Sugar” are two of the best (but “Hot for Teacher” is way cool as well).

  6. Big Mike Says:

    John Bonham influenced every drummer on that list. Ringo Starr was a lucky, stupid looking dude with a haircut. Right place right time. He couldn’t carry Bonzo’s jock.
    I could carry Bonzo’s jock. And Ringo would be allowed to carry mine.
    Alex Van Halen was only an imitation of Denny Carmassi from Montrose, but a pretty good one. Hell, Montrose even has Sammy [pre-annoying] Hagar on it and is produced by Ted Templeman, fer chrissakes.
    Roger Taylor was a great drummer who is constantly overlooked.

    Ginger Baker is a spaz.
    Charlie Watts is a badass.
    Keith Moon was the most dazzling drummer EVAR!!1

    Buddy Rich was a very talented a**hole.
    Gene Krupa was a better swinger.
    Louie Bellson is a better soloist.
    Philly Joe Jones is a bebop master.

    GO SHARKS!!!

  7. AJ Says:

    Mike my friend!!!

    You are a drum GOD!!!As a percusionist(spelling) myself, I like to think that I know my drums…BUT MAN!!!You the man…

    Everything you said was right on…all but Charlie Watts!!Unless you meant BAD…or maybe sub-par!!!What ever!!



  8. AJ Says:

    Go Habs!!!

  9. Grant Says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the plug ! The girl next to me on the bus this morning could move away from me fast enough after I started laughing to myself at what you said about Leith and Mark.

    I ran the promo past Mark first so he didn’t call in the lawyers 😉

    Leith used to be a very seedy place pre-1990, as most dockland areas were. However, with the sudden influx of trendy advertising companies, wine bars and very expensive waterside properties that hit every dock in the UK in the 90’s, Leith went very upmarket.

    We have the Royal Yacht Britannia moored here permanently now as a tourist atraction, alongside a cruise-liner terminal cum shopping mall / multiplex cinema. I live above a Michelin-starred restaurant. They come and shoot TV, commercials and films here. My flat doubled in value in a couple of years as property prices have rocketed through the roof as it’s the ‘in’ place to live.

    The seedy Trainspotting days have long gone, and with it went much of the character of the old Leith, which is a shame…

    Look here: http://www.jameswiseman.com/edinburgh_leith.php


    And the third building in from the right in this one is where I live:


  10. Big Mike Says:

    Mother Superior!!!

    AJ, you flatter me [fiver in the mail], and I’m blushing. Thank you.

    You have to understand: Charlie Watts is the master of subtlety. Add to that he’s got an incredible meter [with the exception of “Got Live If You Want It” as the whole band was high and playing way too excitedly.

    I went and saw the Stones on the Tattoo You tour. My buds and I drove up in two cars and stayed the night in the Candlestick Park parking lot because the show was general admission and….anyway….

    I watched him the whole time. He was clean as could be. Dude…..there were 80,000 people there, freaking out, and here’s the guy holding down the rhythm, as calm as could be. It was incredible. Never missed a beat, right on the money.

    Plus, being understated always brings more importance to his fills and rhythms.
    Take “Under My Thumb”. Imagine what that would sound like with any other drummer in there. It would totally junk it up. A song doesn’t always need some clown in the back drawing attention to himself.

    Take “Shattered” as a later example. There’s some staggered beats in there towards the back half of the song that totally make that song work.

    He holds up his hi-hat [3] when he hits his snare.

  11. Big Mike Says:

    oops….my comment got cut off…..:

    A great band starts with a great drummer. That’s what I was trying to say.

    Next time you and Bob are having a drinking session, but on some classic Stones. Just for a few rounds. And listen to Charlie. He da man.

  12. Richard Says:

    I agree with Big Mike re. Charlie Watts. The beat of ‘Hey! You! Get Off Of My Cloud’ which still gets me every time and is far superior than the Runrig version: ‘Hey! McLeod! Get Off Of My Ewe’. However Jo Jones swung better than Krupa ever did. I was trying to stay out of the drummer debate, which I thought would happen, but you sucked me in, Big Mike.

    I can appreciate Mark’s trouble with his ‘th’s. In Arabic there are two letters that sound like the two ways of pronouncing ‘th’ in English, as in ‘this’ or ‘those’. My Arabic class colleagues from India cannae manage ‘th’ at all as there’s no such letter or sound in their native tongue.

    Good luck with the 50th show, guys!

  13. aj Says:

    OK…I stand(or in this case…sit) corrected…Point taken!!!Maybe Charlie in my mind is more misunderstood, I realize meter is the backbone of any good drummer.But as a frontman has to put on a show, I feel a drummer has to as well!!BEAT THAT KIT UP!!!!MAKE IT LOUD!!!!YEAH!!!(getting carried away)


  14. Steve Says:


    I don’t believe you mentioned Runrig – the nation is shamed 🙂

  15. Mik Says:

    Man oh man oh man… All that and absolutely no mention of Neil Peart? He kicks every other Rock drummers arse out there. He’s not a drummer, he’s a machine! I’ve never ever ever seen a drummer so tight and able to recreate exactly what he played on the CD. I’ll be so bold as to say that even John Bonham was sloppy compared to him. Sure, Moby Dick is a great solo, but I’d rather Peart’s “O Baterista” any day.