50: Part 1 – The first part

Direct download here -> 45 minutes

It’s finally here! Show 50!
We went long because we had SO MANY audio comments (thank you thank you thank you!).. So we split the show into two parts to increase your downloading pleasure… Pictures from the show are on our flickr page.

We raise our glasses, here’s to you friends & listeners..
YAY to you!

Audio Clips:
Interplanet Janet, Gabriel & Lucas
A few minutes from Show #1
Bruce Murray from The Zedcast
Nico from Agentina
Travis & April from the Ponderplace podcast rap for us, bitches
JC from St. Louis
Christa Couture
CC Chapman
An actual clip from CNOT 101.1 FM from 1992
Matt from DigitalDetroitRadio sends his Endless Love

50 shows is big deal for two people who don’t live together
Gay, but long-lasting
The nucleus of above average intellegence people who listen to our show
Podcasting has converted AJ to the online world
Email the shows you enjoy, it’s worth it
Our radio days
An unplanned, yet well executed end to part 1.

Some of our favs from the past 49 shows
Jonathan Coulton – IKEA
Christa Couture – day4
Cool Waters Band – Hey Allright

Part II will be up in a day or so… stay tuned!

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10 Responses to “50: Part 1 – The first part”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Congratulations guys on Show 50!
    Sorry I didn’t have time to send an audio comment. I’ve been so tied up with starting my own business and being a student.
    I’m listening to the show right now. Here’s to another 50 shows. Don’t fall behind now that hockey is starting up!!!

  2. C.C. Says:

    WHAT a way to start out a Monday morning. Of course I’m sick and me laughing hysterically didn’t make me feel any better.

    Congrats guys! We WILL share a beer eventually!

  3. Alasdair Says:

    Hi guys,

    Just finished listening to Part and decided our audio comment was rubbish compared to the great comments in this show.

    We’ll try and get it right for #100 for you.


  4. Rob Says:

    Great show Guys. Has it been 50 already! Big congrads from Rob in Nova Scotia. Scary enough your shows bring balence to my week.
    Great pick of a track to play from the Cool Waters Band. They are terrific.

    Thanks and I hope the shows continue.

  5. Paul Gendron Says:


    Congratulations on your 50th show.

    It is a pleasant surprise to see you have made it this far in spite of some of your guest hosts.

    Keep up the good work.

    Paul, The American Guy

  6. Grant - Three From Leith Says:

    Slainthe !!

    Guys – really sorry that I didn’t get my audio comment done; mind you, judging by the quality of what I heard in Part 1, I would have been embarrased by what I had planned.

    Congrats on reaching 50, and by doing so in style and panache.

    Keep it up – bus journeys to work at the start of each week are made infinitely better by your cheery, cheeky banter; or as we say over here ‘by yer braw gallus patter’ !

    As they say over here

  7. Grant - Three From Leith Says:

    BTW – just seen AJ’s classy choice of top in the Show 50 pics.

    All together now (pretend you’re at Murrayfield for the Calcutta Cup):

    “Ohhh Flower of Scotland,
    when will we see, your likes again !
    That fought and died for
    your wee bit hill and glen.
    And stood against them, proud Edward’s army,
    And sent him homewards, to think again.”

    Gawn yersel’ big man !!

    You are now officially an honorary Three From Leith Scotsman !

  8. aj Says:

    An honor, honestly!!!

    For myself to be an honorary Three From Lieth Scotsman is almost better than the Habs(Montreal Canadiens…Hockey team)Winning the Cup….and doing so against … Boston!!!

    Honestly Grant Thanks!!An honor…


  9. JC Says:

    Loved the 50, 42 or was’t 24 beer salute. Thanks for doing so a great job with your show. But you know that already. I appreciated your comments.



  10. julien Says:

    you guys are the best! omg i worship you (meaning: aj).