51: The 51st show

Direct download here -> 41 minutes

We start our second batch of 50 here..:

lost his bet – where are the pictures?
Show 50 omissions 🙁
Steve from The F1 podcast
Brian from the MMR show
The Hockey Night in Canada Theme lawsuit against the CBC
AJ’s political rant damages a channel
More drummer talk
Cat drops by (we forgot to thanks her for the balloons)
Skype fun with Fuzzy Logic & Heidi the Beer Wench
AJ ponders John Lennon

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Reactor – Electric Love
Bull Moose – Poor Man’s Hash
Glo – Drown in Me

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3 Responses to “51: The 51st show”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Another government scandel?!!! What is it this time? Oh the shock, the horror. Hahahaha.

  2. Grant - Three From Leith Says:

    In next week’s show: “The Secrets of Marital Bliss” with Bob & Cat 😉

    First time I’ve heard Bob lost for words…

    Heh heh !!

  3. Steve - The F1 Podcast Says:

    Bob – your gracious apology is absolutely accepted.

    What’s happened to AJ – from Mr Apology to counter-culture political activist in about 6 weeks! Mind you, the rant could have used a few more big words 🙂