52: Dead Rock Stars

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Music frustrations
AJ’s coaching his kids to pretend they love him
We do module 1 of NHL Academy
AJ is in charge of the next montreal podcaster meetup
John & Yoko magazine cover
Scarborough Dude‘s John Lennon comments
No vital rock star deaths between 1980 & 1994?
Ambush outtro is back, which leads into a nice chat with
CC Chapman

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Stoneocean – The Great Unknown
The Gemini Program – The One
Eddie Moffett – Happier Depressed

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21 Responses to “52: Dead Rock Stars”

  1. Big Mike Says:

    Bob Marley.
    Peter Tosh.
    Or do you mean only white rock people?

  2. Bob Says:

    I would hardly consider Bob Marley & Peter Tosh rock stars.. Big stars yes, but rock?

    Colour doesn’t enter into it.

  3. Big Mike Says:

    That list does. Backpedal much?

  4. Big Mike Says:

    Add to that, I think they are rock stars. After all, they influenced millions. Is it because they played reggae? Does the fact that they aren’t playing “rock” music make them not rock stars?

    If we followed that logic, wouldn’t you have to break down every single category?

  5. Big Mike Says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughn.
    Dennis Wilson.
    Freddy Mercury.
    Randy Rhoades.
    Roy Orbison.

  6. Big Mike Says:

    p.s. fix the CSS on the left column somewhere near your flickr link.

  7. Bob Says:

    From the timestamps, looks like you spend 2 hours analyzing that list.. We did “live on air” in 6 minutes.. Forgive us if we missed something.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn,Dennis Wilson, Freddy Mercury, Randy Rhoades, Roy Orbison: I highly respect all these guys (Especially Stevie & Freddy), but I don’t think they have the generation-changing ability that John Lennon or Kurt Cobain had for their times.

    thanks for spotting a css problem

  8. jon from vancouver Says:

    How about Elvis?

  9. Scarborough Dude Says:

    I betcha John Lennon would have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, and sent out a lot of free less commercial tunes. Adam Curry would be going nuts trying to get John on his podcast – and Lennon would have neatly put the podfather in his name-dropping proper place. But beyond that, you can be dam sure there would be a lot more noise about the current war, the hypocracy in Washington, more marches and demonstrations, more benefit concerts, and maybe even a better bridge between the western and arab worlds- Imagine!

  10. Big Mike Says:

    C’mon, Bob….you LIVE for this! It’s totally why you make those kinds of comments. Don’t say it isn’t.
    And yes, I DID spend a lot of time looking. I think I came up with quite a handful of rock stars.

  11. jon from vancouver Says:

    What’s up with the Boston plumbing? CC in piles of shite?

  12. jon from vancouver Says:

    Michael Hutchenson from INXS?

  13. jon from vancouver Says:

    How about that dude from Blind Melon who pissed on the Vancouver audience at one of his last concerts? I don’t know much about him, if he’s a one hit wonder or not…

  14. AJ Says:


    I feel like mother Thereasa(Spellin)!!!!Calm down man!!!Big Mike….Bob and I might have missed details…SORRY!!!

    It’s all about love and kindness so please calm down!!!All of you…

    This is peace keeping AJ signing out!!!WORD!!!


  15. jon from vancouver Says:

    Are you drunk, AJ?

  16. Bob Says:

    Apparently I live for “this”. Now I just need to figure out what “this” is.

    And don’t tell me I’m not, I may not know what “this” is, but I live for it!

  17. jon from vancouver Says:

    Is “this” beer or hockey?

  18. Steve Says:

    Perhaps the question is:
    “Which rock star SHOULD have died in 1987 for the benefit of our generation?”

  19. Richard Says:

    If you want a closer look at the John and Yoko magazine cover plus all the other covers that were nominated by the American Society of Magazine Editors as being the Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years, you can find them here:


    They also made a Powerpoint presentation showing all the covers, but it looks like they’ve taken it off the website. Just as well I saved it in time.

    PS – Elvis actually died in 1977, although I agree that he had significant influence outwith music across the globe. Imagine a John Lennon & Elvis podcast from the basement of Graceland…

  20. AJ Says:


    Contrary to popular belief, I am mostly sober!!! On some odd occations I par-take in the beverages…Only if Bob is there!!!

    I would like to say…For the record…For those who think this!?Bob and I don’t go out and look for conflict…We sometimes just bring it on,,,without trying.Doing our show somewhat live with no script does that, and I like that!!!

    Let’s all keep this in perspective(This is as close to explaining myself as I want to get…)

    P.S. I’m just trying to send out a positive vibe MAN!!!


  21. katie Says:

    Bon Scott from Ac/Dc (1947-1980)