55: Fat lip & Cheap Rum

Just in time for you folks flying home from California
, forget the in-flight movie, it’s B&AJ 55!
Direct download here -> 38 minutes

A skype show, AJ didn’t come over 🙁
Bob’s fat lip
Xmas lights poll results
When to open gifts
More comments
Canadian Tire replaces the moron guy with a dog
Nascar/Harlequin romances
Was no one surprised that AJ is a chick rocker?
1 large coffee with 2 sugars and 1 dead turtle please
Bob’s 2 minute tune review
A promo and chat about Mostly News
AJ discusses Arrested Development (which got cancelled the day AFTER we recorded this…)

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Complete – Not Heather
Someday Souvenir – Steady
Three Pound Universe – Waiting For the Fall

Normal show next week, see ya then! Safe travels!

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7 Responses to “55: Fat lip & Cheap Rum”

  1. jon from vancouver Says:

    Thanks for the Vancouver music guys. I can’t picture a gay bar fight, sorry. You guys missed the other figure, Debbie Travis. Scrooge haha, I remember that guy. Does Nascar really need these novels to gain women fans? Don’t they have enough women fans?

  2. Janet Says:

    Actually, Arrested Development in not 100% cancelled, from what I understand. Fox has reduced the number of shows to be done and it doesn’t look good for after that. They aren’t really giving it much of a chance to gather any followers, having it off the air for 3 weeks, thanks to baseball, and then pulling it et again for another 3 weeks, until Dec 5.

    Seeing as how Survivor has let mw down, I’m throwing all my support to this show. Save Arrested Development!!

  3. Grant - Three From Leith Says:

    Hmmmmm….. I doubt Bob’s ‘fat lip’ story…. Bob, I reckon you upset Cat and she walloped you a shot and wouldn’t let you have AJ come over to play because you’ve been grounded 😉

    Anyhow, how did you guys manage to keep your Clustrmaps map showing all the visits since July ? Mine keeps clearing out at the start of each month. Did you pay for it ?

  4. jon from vancouver Says:

    FOX seems to do this often, I heard Serenity (I think that’s what the show was called) never had a chance. FOX even played the episodes out of sync!

  5. Steve - The F1 Podcast Says:

    An alternative to Grant’s “Cat” explanation is that Bob lost a gay bar fight and that’s how he got the fat lip.

    That comment about the Canadian Tyre guy made me laugh out loud – only my dog was with me, but he gave me a funny look.

    Never mind NASCAR romance novels, is there a motor racing movie out there that does not suck? I used to think Grand Prix was good but watched it again a year or two ago and realised I was just being sentimental. Tell me “Days of Thunder” isn’t the best race movie out there – please!

  6. Steve - The F1 Podcast Says:

    I just heard that the rocket scheduled to take real life Canadian/onscreen Scotsman, James Doohan’s ashes into orbit is sitting on the tarmac with engine trouble. Anyone got a spare Dilithium Crystal? She’s but held taegether wi’ toothpaste ‘n’ bogies Cap’n!

  7. Mark (Electric Sky) Says:

    AAARGH! They’ve cancelled Arrested Development????!!!! Noooo! I love that show.

    OK… you didn’t think I was serious about “courting” vs. “cording”, did you?