58: Where the pub?

A day late, but not a dollar short, it’s B&AJ 58
Direct download here -> 42.5 minutes

Oops, we were supposed to be in a pub
Our new sister show, Canadian Podcast Buffet
Stefan’s rum poll choice: Stroh’s Inlaender Rum
Fuzzy Logic calls in for a chat and tells us about his fake Rolex
Recorded Dec 8th, so we had to talk about Lennon
Comments and Frappr map
Apologies to April
Whine tawk – price means nothing
Worst gifts ever poll results:

  • Cheap Toolkit: 18%
  • Ugly Shirts: 36%
  • Fruit cake: 9%
  • Underwear (because it was from my in-laws): 9%
  • bike helmet… when I had no bike: 9%
  • socks: 9%
  • Fishing Lure (When I had no rod): 9%
  • New poll: Your favourite Beatle

    Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
    Hollow Horse – Forget the Girl
    Roots of Rebellion – Messenger from Magnatune
    Artemis – Fountain of Life from Magnatune

    see ya next week!

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    3 Responses to “58: Where the pub?”

    1. C.C. Says:

      Left you? Excuse me? I couldn’t do that. Of course it was funny to hear you saying that as I rode to work and looking over at the passenger seat where a box with your names on it was sitting. Hmmm…..

    2. April Says:

      hurt…. real hurt….

    3. jon from vancouver Says:

      The iTunes feed wasn’t working, so I thought there was no show. Today again I had to check and there’s another new show. So I unsubscribed, cleared and re-subscribed to the feed. Now I have 2 shows to catch up on!