IV: Fourplay

Show 4 is here! Slightly different since AJ was away, but through the magic of digital editing, you’ll feel like he was right there.
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This week’s show (~ 31 minutes):

  • 2MO Rock Podcast Premiere
  • Home Alone
  • Brian’s love theme
  • More Bablefish fun
  • Fuzzy Logic

NHL music featured this week:

Plimsoll Mark- Impossible Question (Dean plays @ Buster Harvey’s every wednesday)
Sarah Fimm – Red Paper Bag
Retrograde – Complicated
Stone Melodies – This I Know

Background Music:

  • Seymour Swine and the Squealers – Blue Christmas
  • Rigel Vega – Amsterdam

Next week: The Politically-correct-holiday-occasion show! Don’t miss it! Leave your holiday message on the comment line or on email, and it’ll probably be on the show!

Listeners who downloaded the show in the 1st hour it was up heard a bad edit.. It’s been fixed. Mea Culpa. – Bob

Listeners who downloaded the show in the 2nd hour it was up heard a different, yet still bad edit.. It too has been fixed. I’m an idiot. (more on Behind the Scenes) Special thanks to AJ for the quality control- Bob

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One Response to “IV: Fourplay”

  1. Jason Says:

    Best show ever. Best fuzzy logic ever. I bow down to you…but wash your feet 1st.