60: last one of 2005

For your holiday listening pleasure, it’s B&AJ 60! Listen closely as we open packages from some of the world’s best people…
Direct download here -> 47 minutes, plus a 8 minute tune at the end

New theme
How many shows are still around from Nov 2004?
Bob isn’t a liberal
We got gifts!
CC sent us a package – He rocks!
and yes, you can smuggle alcohol into Canada.
James K. and Bob
Thanks James & Stephen!

CBC Documentary, tsunami : Untold Stories
Audio comment – fast food order
Buffalos gone wild 3

Hardest gift to buy.. final poll results:

* Wife/Girlfriend: 37%
* Husband/boyfriend: 0%
* Mom: 17%
* Dad: 8%
* Sister: 0%
* Brother: 4%
* Bob: 0%
* AJ: 12%
* Charo: 8%
* Michael Jackson: 12%

NASCAR public service announcement
Our best CafePress customer: AJ
The South Park discussion
The new Christa Couture album is available!

New poll: New Year’s Resolutions

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Francis Jocky – Higher Love
Myles Cochran – Gold and Rose from Magnatune
Falling You – Something About Eve from Magnatune

see ya next YEAR!!

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6 Responses to “60: last one of 2005”

  1. C.C. Says:

    Well we know that you guys won’t be choosing “drinking less” in your poll! *grin* You’ll have to let me know how the rum is.

  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    Ahhh Captain Morgan, mmm. Merry Christmas guys.

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    I put Michael Jackson as an option since many people don’t know if he’s male or female. So it would be difficult to pick a gift! Poor guy, we should leave him alone eh?

  4. Grant Says:

    Happy New Year from Scotland, the home of Hogmanay !

    I had the usual great view of the castle and the midnight fireworks from my window – one of the advantages of living on the top floor !

    May 2006 bring you health, wealth and happiness.

  5. Janet Says:

    AJ Hear!!!

    Thanks Grant…Thanks for the message.Hope all is well on the Three from!!Wish I had the same view!!!!

    Take care…AJ!!!

  6. norah Says:

    Oh Bob, where you find this GREAT ARTIST!!!
    Francis Jocky, this guy really sings. We want some more of his stuff.