65: Evel Knievel

B&AJ 65 – Canada’s answer to the question no one asked.
Direct download here -> 45 minutes.

Enjoying CC’s Rum
Is Wayne Gretzky the next Pete Rose?
AJ’s Birthday this week!
How many pools are there?
The IT Crowd on Channel 4 in the UK
Movie Talk:
Bad News Bears
Viva Knievel!
Deathrace 2000
The Evil Knievel Stunt bike:
The Foo Fighters Release party
The Love Letter Generator
Lloyd Detroit comment
5 Days & up is too long to wait
Interplanet Janet give us her take on the poll
Fuzzy Feeling about friday traffic

Are you on our frappr map yet?

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Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Beatinpath – Twisted
Dana Osborn – Spanish Love
The Paul Wood Band – Don’t Call Me

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8 Responses to “65: Evel Knievel”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    Another pool for you:


    “The le in Hart-le-pool is probably from the French definite article and the word pool added at a later date is a description of the natural harbour formed by the hook of the headland peninsula”

    Source: http://www.thenortheast.fsnet.co.uk/Place%20Name%20Meanings%20E%20to%20J.htm

  2. C.C. Says:

    So glad to hear that the rum is good. I was worried after all this it might end up sucking. Glad it didn’t!

  3. Nico Says:

    Damn you guys, i’m being invaded by canadians. Look what i saw today on one of my school books:


  4. JC Says:


    Spaniards (as least gallegos) have been saying ‘Eh’ for ages. Canadians just made cool.

    Good day, eh?

  5. JC Says:

    Made IT cool that is

  6. DaveG Says:

    Just to increase your movie/video game trivia knowledge, Deathrace 2000 is the movie that inspired the computer game Carmageddon, the best car racing, people splattering game ever made…

  7. Andy Bilodeau Says:

    No hockey talk again…DOH!

    And with the Canadian women kicking ass in Italy….tsk tsk tsk… 3 Canadian favourites… Canada…hockey and women… not necessarily in that order.

    I listen to the music…well..the start of the music anyway…if it sucks then I move on…

    Great show as always!


  8. jon from vancouver Says:

    I remember that toy, but my neighbor’s kid had it. All the kids in the block played with it until it broke. Then we all ran off back home before his parents came out! Come to think of it, we did that too when someone got hurt from a slap shot playing street hockey!