#10: Guy Lafleur

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Show 10 – our first double-digit show!

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  • Once again, we speak of Julien, the Northern Prince of Pod
  • 4-inch nail in the head
  • The Australian Alps?
  • Donald Trump has no friends
  • We’re not Straight-edge
  • Ear hair
  • Fuzzy Logic takes it personal
  • Firewood
  • Chiropractors – satan’s spawn?

Tunes this week:

Robert Wade – Monkey Cymbals
Draz – Sunday Rain
The Rantings of Eva – Infrared

Background Music:

intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

(ok, I know it’s the Jan 30th show, and I posted it on the 29th, ok?? give me a break! geeze!)

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4 Responses to “#10: Guy Lafleur”

  1. Cat Says:


    There are hairs in the middle ear – AJ was right!!

    That is the ringing sound you hear when you have been too close to the speakers!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How do your wives deal with your rampant homosexuality?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Bob wrote on 1/17/05 regarding one of our shows:
    “Finally gave it a listen. Happened to pick the episode where you slam us.
    A riot! Great show! Keep it up!”

    Johnny Responded on 1/19/05:
    “Hi Bob,
    All in good humor.
    Thanks for the plug!
    Keep in touch”

    Now Johnny writes on 2/3/05
    I guess you kept in touch in your last podcast, huh? Better late than never, took long enough.
    I hope you enjoy our response in today’s show.

  4. Bob Says:

    Tell ya you what Johnny, I’ll wait for the transcript.

    Thanks for listening to our show!