8: # of losses during 80-game Habs’ 76-77 season

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Show 8 takes you on a wonderful 35 minute aural journey through :

  • On that note
  • Happy B-Day Interplanet Janet!
  • AJ’s podcasting stress
  • Nascar’s Viagara doctor gives me a T-Shirt
  • Canada remains undefeated
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • AJ was meant to be a girl
  • The longest ending we’ve ever done

Plugs :

Apologies to the shows we named wrong on the ‘cast, we need to keep better notes!

Tunes this week:
Betablokka – Scared (the difference between)
New York:
Jonathan Coulton – Ikea
Andrea Revel – Citysong

Background Music:

New intro : Jazz Skank from open-songs

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4 Responses to “8: # of losses during 80-game Habs’ 76-77 season”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is Andy from The Skinny on Sports. We’ve just added a new domain that forwards to our site to make it easier to remember – skinnyonsports.com – hope that helps!

    Thanks for the plug on your show and hope you keep listening!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just listened to show #8. Has to be one of my favorites so far. I found myself laughing out loud, not just in my head. This is quite a feat since I have no lips.

    I guess the formula is for Bob to drink, there’s a stretch, and for AJ to try and use big words like “consonantses”. Was nice to hear you two sound so natural.

    I miss the babelfish. It took five tries to spell that word. HDP keeps correcting me.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is AJ….

    Thank you Andy and anonymous for your comments…Much appreciated…

    Keep listening and commenting.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    yes, hello, Bob and AJ, but specially to Bob: I’m from Norway, and I’d like to go on record (figuratively ‘speaking’ of course) that I have tendencies for committing terrorist acts. I realize there are not many targets for me here, but when I watch the news it seems it gets more popular every day, and people even get away with it! So, for the next few weeks I’ll be thinking of possible objectives. I’m already done throwing rocks at and scaring the shit out of deers, but maybe you two, as you live in a somewhat similar environment, could come up with ways to improve my trackrecord. Regards.