43: Crickets and Planes

Direct download here -> about 39 minutes

Post vacation studio thing

Bad German
Intro music search
We dig Garageband, no evil there
My desk is made of wood
Our new friends in the UK, Chris and Alasdair at the Aycliffe Podcast
AJ’s summer vacation and child safety
Bob’s hellish drive to Maine
Brooke’s voicemail
The Pink Floyd Animals building is real
94% of listeners want us to just do our show
We stumble through a bad segment on french swear words
Jonathan Coulton‘s Popular Science music
Krash from Oka-zoo podcast sent us this:

There is a Montreal podcaster/listener meetup happening soon!
How we pick tunes
How we deal with Skype
Crickets and Planes

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Skin Fuck – Do I Havta?
Life of Pi – Green Lantern
Jonathan Coulton – That spells DNA

We’re planning a special show 50 Send us your special audio comments!

The Ottawa Meetup audio is being edited, look for an usual show soon!

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15 Responses to “43: Crickets and Planes”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the mention and playing the clip. Only 42 shows to catchup to you. πŸ™‚ You did manage to get close to the name, closer that I did mentioning your site, sorry about that. (The link was right on the site.) Maybe I should do the Canadian language course after all.


  2. Rick Rajchel Says:

    I didn’t even listen yet…it’s downloading as I type, but I see the French swear word segment. I can’t wait to impress my friends tommorrow.

    -Rick Rajchel
    The Cool Waters Band

  3. Darren Says:

    Even I don’t want to see myself in a thong. Loved Bob’s in-law car rant. Nice to hear Skin Fuck. Waiting to hear a live Tangent in studio acoustic thing.


  4. AJ Says:

    Hey Darren!!!

    Hope your Sunday was good my friend!!!I hope all is well!!!Be on the next show!!!If Ya can!!!!

  5. Steve Hunter Says:

    I come back from my holiday and find that Bob is questioning my ancestry, even though he read out my email on Scottish lineage 2 or 3 shows ago!

    Obviously he doesn’t really listen to me – I’m just here to make up time between the gags and the songs. I’m honestly starting to question where this relationship is headed – are we developing, are we growing – I don’t think so.

    I’m off to watch “An Affair To Remember” and eat chocolate in a faux-stereotypical sort of way.

    Steve (one-half-of-the-two-completely-unrelated-Scottish-podcasters-who-happen-to-have-the-same-surname) Hunter

  6. Bob Says:

    Wow. Are we like, breaking up or something? You’re right though, I don’t know why I didn’t remember the lineage. Maybe the game was on TV or something…

  7. Steve Hunter Says:


    BTW did you have any German listeners before AJ’s outburst at the start of the show? I almost crashed my car I laughed so hard – you should really add a disclaimer πŸ™‚

  8. Steve Hunter Says:

    Moving far off-topic, the funniest thing ever said to me by a German is as follows:

    I was talking with a German guy about the European Union & the stupid regulations that they set. Generally, the British & the Germans immediately follow these rules, while the French have a reputation for ignoring them when it suits them. In finishing the discussian, the German guy said “Yes, the French are always worse than we Germans … well apart from twice this century”.

  9. Darren Says:

    This will only make sense to Bob and AJ, but in my comment, I meant to say “Two Ton Shoes” instead of Tangent. It was early, I was hung over, and I’m getting old.

  10. jon from vancouver Says:

    Audio comments for the next shows, eh? Need to check with my lawyer first. This might conflict with my new government relocation program, since no one is supposed to know my location.

    Funny show guys, Bob and his family car trip was a hoot!

  11. jon from vancouver Says:

    Wuz up with the human prints on the Volvo???

  12. Grant Says:

    German joke which works best if heard rather than read:

    I was at the Olympics in Greece and I got speaking to this athlete. He was carrying a very long stick, so I said to him, “Are you a pole vaulter ?”

    “Nein,” he said, “I’m German… but how did you know my name was Walter ?”

    (with apologies to the late Chick Murray)

    Since I got a request to do so during the show, I’ll need to go off and record a suitable 50th show greeting now….

    Great podcast as usual – nearly snottered all over the back of the head of the girl in front of me on the bus this morning when you came out with the unscripted German utterance; and the mad aunt ramble was priceless πŸ™‚

  13. Grant Says:

    Here’s a site where you might learn what the Scottish accent sounds like (in these examples, Glaswegian like TartanPodcast’s Mark), just so you don’t upset Steve again:


    Just watch some of the clips an’ ye’ll hae nae bother unnerstaunin’ the banter fae noo on. Bit haud aun, yez might’nae unnerstaun hee-haw either…

  14. aj Says:

    Love the Banner…

    Nico and Bob…Great job…Love it


  15. Steve Hunter Says:


    Living in England I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I heard the word “snotter” used. Fortunately, due to the wonder of BBC, I can see “Still Game” down South.

    For all you Canadians and other non-Scots, you may want to look at:


    which has extracts from a fabulous book called “The Patter” which is a dictionary of Glasgow dialect – enjoy, but remember that no-one here actually speaks like Scotty from Star Trek!