71: Steve Vai’s Ukulele

If you listened to B&AJ 70, we’re sorry, but we’re back in full form right here on B&AJ 71!
Direct download here -> 42 minutes.

1928 Blues in a Bottle
Packing reveals long lost Ukulele
Nico’s DayPhoto has stopped 🙁 Check it out while you can
Vote for us on podcastalley
AJ is addicted to PodQuiz, and promises it’ll make him smarter
James sounds older than he looks
It’s Mother’s Day this sunday
Write us a review on Yahoo’s Podcast Thingie
Does memory = smarts ?
A sad day in 1981
Eric Clapton’s cover tune mania
Everyone’s favourite Van Halen tune: Panama
New Poll:
If you could slap anyone, who would it be?
Tom Cruise & Matt Laurer : Aliens
These are not a stapler!

Hope you liked this one better, see ya next week!

Things you need to know:

  • Podcasters Across Borders will kick ass
  • Our frappr map
  • The comment line : (267)220-3701
  • Tunes from mostlytunes this week:
    Uncle Seth – A Little Bit More
    Nathan Sheppard Band – Traveling On
    Blair Lott – The Promise

    Congratulations to Amanda
    the Rogic Egghunt winner!

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    8 Responses to “71: Steve Vai’s Ukulele”

    1. Jay from Uncle Seth Says:

      Guys, thanks for the play and the plug for our podcast! Seeya in Kingston.

      Jay from Uncle Seth

    2. James Carter Says:

      Thanks for pimping the PodQuiz, guys! I’m not sure whether I should be pleased that I sound older than I look… The photo I use on the forum was taken when I was in my twenties, though, so you guessed that accurately. I’m (just a little bit) older now. More recent photos on my web site somewhere.

      As ever, love the show!

    3. Grant Says:

      Great show, guys. But I think AJ seriously needs hoo-hoo access before he has a breakdown 😉

      I’d slap Bono. He’s an egostistical tosspot of the highest order. Anyone wearing sunglasses indoors and then making up crappy excuses for doing so (when we all know he just loves himself in his excruciatingly expensive shades) should be taken outside, slapped senseless and then locked away forever.

    4. AJ Says:

      Thank You too Jay(Uncle Seth),Mister Carter and Grant from 3 from leith!!!!

      Ho Ho is a need!!Thank ya!!


    5. Andy Bilodeau Says:

      Hi Guys,

      Great show.

      So…you want to slap old W do ya?

      Hmmm…I wonder what he’d have to say about that?

    6. Jerry @ Lost Cat Records Says:

      Thanks for playing Nathan Sheppard’s “Traveling On.” Nathan records for my indie record label, Lost Cat Records. If you like it, check out my weekly indie music podcast, “The Great American Music Hour.” You won’t be disappointed.

    7. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

      Hey Guys, great show.

      you mentioned that you had a “Northern” uke’ and that it was triangular. That would make it a JCD-1 Ukulele. The JCD stands for J. Chalmers Doane, long time director of the Halifax City Schools Music Dept., Ukulele Virtuoso, AND, father of Juno award winning Canadian recording artist, Melanie Doane.

      One of my first professional gigs in high school was as drummer in the rhythm section of JC Doane’s massed Ukulele Orchestra.

      “My Dog Has Fleas!” (or is it: “My Bob Has Bees!”)?

      Cheers, – Bruce

    8. Jeff Says:

      it may also be a JCD-2, JCD-3, or JCD-5. The 5’s are quite rare, but for those of us who have them, we cherish them!