73: AJ’s Northern Compound

On location at AJ’s Northern Compound, it’s B&AJ 73!

Direct download here -> 42.3 minutes.

It’s Baby, if you’ve ever wondered… Hmmph.
WKRP not available on DVD
AJ’s medical segment : The Roids
The DaVinci Code movie
What is this, a movie show?
The Over The Hedge movie
The Chinese Fly-frier zapper raquet
Zapper thingie
AJ’s a soccer dad
Almost killing someone with traction aids:
Traction Aids
AJ wants more people in Africa on the frappr map
Less than a month until Podcasters Across Borders!!
Things will get spotty for a while
$$$ through metal

Tunes from mostlytunes this week:

YG – Radio
Impulse Ride – Funny
Maxim G – Into The Night

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3 Responses to “73: AJ’s Northern Compound”

  1. Grant Says:

    The ‘Roids – that was soooo funny, especially since my ex-father-in-law suffered from them quite badly. One of the treatments he got in hospital was a condom, filled with water and frozen, inserted VERTICALLY in the offending area. Heh heh. Quality snigger material !

    Also want to say well done to AJ for his spot-on use and pronunciation of ‘SHITE’. A rare use of the word on your side of the pond (where it’s normally ‘shit’). You can tell that you’ve spent some time in Scotland, AJ 😉

    Fly-zapper – I’ve seen a battery-powered version in a local garden centre over here. Wonder if it’s as spectacular to use as the plug-in one ?! I need to get me one of those if it is !

  2. Mark Says:

    D’oh! AJ gave away the punchline of Over The Hedge!!!

  3. C.C. Says:

    Guys, I love you, BUT lets never have another AJ Health Moment EVER again. Hearing AJ talk about “horizontally” using a popsicle on his ass is just an image I don’t need.

    There is not enough brain soap in the world to get that out of my head.

    Popsicles can be fun in the bedroom (long story to go with many beers) but NOT in the way AJ was discussing.

    Wrong on SOOOOOOOO many levels.

    Plus I nearly crashed my car from laughing so hard.