75: B&AJ Flashback1

What? A new B&AJ Show??

Well I’m sure it’s new to some of you…

Here’s something to show that the feed still works, and that news shows aren’t entirely impossible.. Also, at this rate, Shane & Tom will catch up, and that’s just not acceptable.
Direct download here ->

Almost 10 minutes of heaven from 2004…

What’s the tune?

Rubberman – Send Love

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4 Responses to “75: B&AJ Flashback1”

  1. AJ Says:


  2. david whittemore Says:

    i was starting to think that my podcatcher wuz busted. as always, riveting material.

  3. shane Says:

    Whatever!! I’m almost on episode 12!!!
    Almost there.

  4. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

    I didn’t start listening until Jan ’05 so this was great to hear.

    “No! not the wedding video!” Maybe next time juggle chainsaws. – Cheers, – Bruce