95: Chew on this, bacca

Recorded on location at the AJ northern compound. AJ’s friend Neil joins us, though he really should have known better…

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  • Guest host : Neil!
  • Are there fat jugglers?
  • 100 shows before PAB seems possible
  • Sean plugs Podcamp Toronto and doubts AJ’s existence
  • Scarborough dude wants us to break the rules;
  • Charles Cadenhead pleads for us not to
  • Podcast Pickle resets friends every 6 months
  • Great use of tech: KnickerPicker!!
  • Worst excuses of all time
  • Leafs no longer Canada’s team ?
  • Fuzzy Logic’s airport security
  • Feature interview: Chewbacca
  • Thanks for your comments and emails!
  • Aycliffe Podcast is at 94 too
  • AJ’s Rock n Roll quiz

Tunes this week that might one day appear on Mostlytunes.com:

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5 Responses to “95: Chew on this, bacca”

  1. Trucker Bill Says:


  2. Trucker Bill Says:

    I must say Fuzzy Logic is a GOD!!

    Lets make this happen !

    A.J I would like you to talk more about NASCAR! I listen to sirius everynight just for the nascar Channel 128

    A.J what do you think about all the new Rice grinders in NASCAR ?????

  3. AJ Says:

    Trucker Bill My friend,

    Lets just see how TOYOTA do at Daytona….then lets talk.Last year was a learning curve for the rice grinders…They learn quick, trust me.

  4. Trucker Bill Says:

    Yea, but I am old school, and just don’t like Rice Grinders in MY sport.

    But since Job Gibbs has gone over to the dark side, they just might win a race or two….

    Lets get some more shows out of you two!

  5. Bill Deys Says:

    Hey guys, kick ass show. Good thing you kept saying Bob’s name before Neil! Also I can’t believe I hear 40 Sons and Daughters. I know the Bass player’s father and I have their press kit! I tried to get them to put their stuff on the PMN but they haven’t yet. Cool stuff, hope to see a new show soon.

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