32: Wednesday Mellowness

Direct download here -> about 34 minutes

nlinus reviews us
Ian Thomas
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Miss Canada is Miss Universe!

The other pictures we looked at are here
Our first Soundscene, we’ll try harder next time
RUSH comes from St. Louis ??

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:

Mocean Worker – Chick a boom boom boom
Boulevard – Out of your light
Stephen Lynch – Bitch
Brandybuck – Kaleidoscope

We’re off to the Ottawa podcaster meetup thursday, drop by if you’re around!
Thanks for the votes !

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6 Responses to “32: Wednesday Mellowness”

  1. Cat Says:

    More Stephen Lynch! More Stephen Lynch! Please!!

  2. Deniz Says:

    Yes! I get mentioned! And pronounced correctly! OH HAPPY DAY!

  3. jon from vancouver Says:

    Hubba, hubba, where’s the Kokanee? I think I see the snow rangers here. I can’t believe she won, a Canadian. Well, she’s Russian but whatever. Thanks for the link to the other pictures…daaaamn. You should have played some of that porn music while you were talking about Miss Universe in the background!

    Dave Thomas, the guy from Wendy’s? Ren and Stimpy was hilarious, bring it back. Oh well, we got Family Guy now.

    You should play all music, even shite. Until you hear the comments from us. Everyone needs a chance on your famous show. It’s not like it will kill ya. At least we can get a good laugh and try not to have the beer come out of our nose! Sorry, Boulevard was too slow and gay for this show. That was your first listner comment about a poor song. Wasn’t that easy? 😀

    On the topic of gay, (haha) why the hell was Bob sticking a fork into AJ on the CC show?!

    Steve Nash, Suns, Phoenix, shite good banterring! Haha, that Bitch song sounded like Adam Sandler singing it! Hahaha. Funny song. Even your wife liked the dude. Hahaha. I can’t believe you needed permission for this short song.

    The soundscene was great. CatholicInsider does the same thing. The official beer run was recorded on what equipment??? AJ needs a new car with all the money you guys are making now! That was funny, too bad the batteries died. AJ such a hero! You guys sound like the good old Duke boys with their kicking and co-ordinated stunts. Do you guys talk like that every time you’re in the car?

    Sleeman beer is great, making me thirsty, I should go and get some down the street. It’s amazing, I got a liquor store so close, but don’t go as often. Anyway… voting, I already voted. How many listeners do you really have?

    Travis is probably listening to those boxed radio stations that they sell. Ours is called JACKfm and it plays old music. So perhaps Rush is being played alot. Sammy is cool, but I agree not up there with the best. I did like him better than David to front Van Halen.

    Tom Maffin I remember that dude from Vancouver. Have a safe drive, watch that kid. Don’t bring photos of Miss Universe, k. That’s a distraction, boys.

    Thanks for your time and the laughs.

  4. sylvie Says:

    The last two shows were great! I had tuned out for awhile during the drunken high school flashback show(s). Forgot to mention that I went hiking with a friend (she’s from QC also) and somehow we got on the subject of commercials that stick in your head for years and DAMN if she didn’t start singing the paint commercial.

    Now even though I never heard it back then, it is stuck in my brain…cheers 🙂

    My two cents on Rush is blecch! right up there with Yes which is what my roommate won’t stop listening to.

  5. kiki in Japan Says:

    I like the show lots and lots… Have a good day!

  6. aslam Says:

    Haven’t listened for awhile…which is probably why I’ve been so sad 🙁

    Anyways, please feed your beauty contestants…we Americans…er…United Statesians…look to you for sensibleness.