61: DEFCON-1

Blah blah blah… B&AJ 61.. yada yada yada…
Direct download here -> 22 minutes

AJ’s wife travels abroad
Sick boys don’t stop the show
Dow beer – killing people with cobalt sulfate
(Watch the CBC report from 1966 here)
More wine than beer this year for Bob
Register to attend the Ottawa Podcast Meetup, Jan 28th at 1pm
AJ’s conglomerate vocal
Your New Year’s Resolutions.. final poll results:

* Lose Weight: 32%
* Stop Smoking: 4%
* Drink Less: 4%
* Drink More: 12%
* Floss the cat: 8%
* All of the above: 8%
* Drop out of school, record an epic rock album, and headline a multi-million dollar tour: 12%
* Create a podcast more regularly: 16%
* Vary the type of beer I drink: 4%

The April postcard:
New poll: Best Rock Band EVER
(I had to put two choices)

From Mostlytunes this week:
Kitty Violet – burn!

Next week, our special election coverage continues…

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4 Responses to “61: DEFCON-1”

  1. zeke Says:

    Not exactly (its too generic which I guess is good for you guys since people feel like youre next door) what a homesick lad needs when he is far from home but close anyways.

    I love the fact that your address is somwhere waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies. Ste.Marthe for those who dont know is part of Quebec lore for its home grow ops. There was a two page picture in the Journal 2-4 years ago when they had a big bust and they had an aerial view of a neighbourhood and every second house had a big X on it to signify a grow op.

    That;s why when you say Ste.Marthe to a quebecois, they give you a Marley salute in return !!

  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    I added U2 to the list, but it didn’t show up. Someone actually added Hanson!

  3. Grant Says:

    Bob – is it wise to be keeping poultry in the house when there’s avian flu on the go ? 😉

  4. mark - tartanpodcast.com Says:

    I’d love to hear B&AJ getting controversial…What do they *really* think about podcasting and where it’s heading.
    C’mon guys, but a bit of edge into your show 😉