63: Sorry in every Aspect

OK – we skipped a week. A million apologies to you and those you love. We apologize in every aspect. But hey, enough of my yackin’, here’s B&AJ 63 !!!
Direct download here -> 37 minutes that will make you wish we’d use our powers for good.

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Boo boo boo theme is gone, replaced by Cat and “The Shnay Speaks” from Cagey House
Bob is the lovely looking girl
Watching paint dry
Welcome back to independence Mark!
(read about it on Ewan Spence‘s Blog)
AJ listened to Canadian Podcast Buffet, the Greg Leck Show and the Hot Sex Show.
Pictures from the Ottawa Podcasters Meetup
Secret word revealed: Hyena. (Way to go Al!)
Post production mic-mute-fix
Poll result: The best rock bad ever = Zeppelin (27% of votes)
Business card titles
Useful Words:

Muffin Top
Whale Tail

Comment line : (267)220-3701

Selections from Mostlytunes this week:
Eli Jones and the Bare Bones – Givin it up
Steve Robinson – How the mighty have fallen
Blank White Page – Hero Worship

We you still love us, will you still feed us, when we’re 64?

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8 Responses to “63: Sorry in every Aspect”

  1. Darren Says:

    Haven’t had the chance to listen the past couple of weeks, but I really enjoyed the video footage supplied on Dow beer in show 61. I worked at O’Keefe in 87 and Molson in 88. O’Keefe still had Dow carved into the concrete back then. Apparently it became “Black Label”, or so the rumours went. No luck with music Bob, but I can supply sound effects on my ftp site, if you like. Steve’s in town, we’re having a good time. DK.

  2. jon from vancouver Says:

    Good show guys. Did you guys go to the Montreal Autoshow? Are you going to do another off site podcast, it’s been awhile?

  3. Rob Says:

    OK, Who Votes for Shania Twit!!!!

  4. Nico Says:

    I know the secret word, but i’m staying out to save you a fortune in postage! Besides, you already sent me a cd.

    And thanks for the ego boost šŸ™‚

  5. Bruce Murray (The Zedcast) Says:

    And the secret woid(s) is…Muffin Top!

    A whale tail around here is thong underwear that shows over the top of your hipwaders :^)

    Great mandate…er, show boys, I laughed till I stopped! And Bob definitely is the prettiest girl at the dance.
    Cheers, – Bruce

  6. Rob Says:

    I had to Add Avril Lavigne to the poll… It was for AJ. I’m sorry. (In every aspect.)

  7. Kevin Says:

    Don’t MAKE me add Anne Murray. Or Alannah Myles. At least the latter used to wear tight leather garments,

    The… ahem… “bumpernuts” look worse the further south you drive. The more disturbing examples I’ve seen literally involve one side drooping lower than the other. Yeah. Like I really want to stare at something like that in bumper(nut)-to-bumper(nut) traffic.

    But hey: if the driver so badly needs a pair, at least they have this low-cost, non-surgical option.

  8. Rob Says:

    My neighbor has bumper nuts on his truck. I always called them Tailgate Testicles.